Located in the most beautiful Parisian districts, just a stone's throw from Place Vendôme or the Golden Triangle, but also in Cannes, Monaco, Geneva and Dubai, Burma boutiques are a precious showcase..


Anne-Cécile Comar (Atelier du Pont) has been responsible for renovating the Burma boutique in Paris’s rue de la Paix. In a play of reflections and shimmering undulations, a vast chainmail chandeler illuminates an ultra-contemporary boudoir. The jewels are displayed in hanging elliptical cabinets floating like bejewelled clouds.



Marianne Guély, who has worked for Burma since 2003, magnifies the setting and decors in a mood midway between the eternal and the ephemeral. Her paper set designs, her favorite materials, are the vector for every dream with haute couture sculptures used to sublimely enhance Burma jewels.

"The theatrality of paper set designs has always struck me as being in perfect tune with the fancy charm of Burma jewels. This is why I suggested creating sets for all the store windows operating in France and abroad. I was very excited about starting out with this collaboration, and it was just at the very beginning of my career. I delved into the archives and I love this special link we have with the artists and the fashion of a given day and age.

Collaborations with an illustrator like Gruau but also with movie actresses or music-hall stars. Bruno Zarcate, a collector and fan of the 1930s period, very quickly gave me carte blanche. Real freedom of creation for me was a true pleasure that gets more exciting with every new season. This is a wonderful, loyal and enriching collaboration that has now lasted for over ten years."